Find the right candidate, save time and money.


Providing employers with warm connections to qualified, diverse candidates.

Our proprietary solutions help you find the right candidates within our diversified pool of vetted job seekers, then applies our patented technology to help ensure they're a good fit for you.  

Philosophy & Mission

We're propelling a new wave of women and minority professionals to help grow the tech industry, and other industries that require tech specialists, through innovation, creativity and ingenuity.

By teaming up with "feeder" programs across the country and through direct recruitment of candidates interested in tech jobs, we pool diverse and talented individuals into one central location - creating a one-of-a-kind networking, referral, and hiring hub for women and minorities in tech.  

Through our patented and proprietary technologies, we direct candidates to their ideal employment match and provide employers with access to a one-stop shop that identifies, matches, and connects candidates to the right employment opportunity.

Our commitment to tech diversity is to help every candidate and employer find the quality match that they deserve.  Every connection matters.  Let UNFOILED create your connection path to all things tech.

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Federal Contractor Compliance

We understand that "non-compliance" can lead to heavy fines and even lost work for federal contractors.  That's why we've made it part of our mission to assist companies in complying with their Affirmative Action and EEO obligations as required by the OFCCP.  To do so, we streamline search efforts and assist recruiters in maintaining the proper accountability records.  In addition, our location in D.C. means we have a special understanding of the talent acquisition requirements of federal contractors and are especially well-connected to the types of employees you need.

Let our team help build yours.